with Torus Cold Press Juicers Australia

Do you want to revitalise your health and energy levels? Current dietary understanding highlights gut health as key to whole body health, affecting body and mind and mood. Traditional psychiatry recognises chemical ingestion through the gut as the means to regulate psychology, so the body from the dawn of time has ingested nature’s beneficial chemicals, “nutrition” to naturally regulate intellectual, emotional and physical well-being. Juicing provides a means to nutritionally supercharge your self by concentrating nature’s bounty into each glass.

Juicing with Torus Cold Press Juicers Australia acts to regenerate your entire system from the intestinal tract onwards, by releasing vitamins, micro and phyto-nutrients, nature’s healing goodness (whether scientifically identified or yet to be discovered) from vegetables and fruits and supplying them in a form that is easy to assimilate.

The prehistoric discovery of fire revolutionised our ability to soften and digest complex foods and led in many ways to our ability to be human. Nowadays, cutting edge kitchen appliances have fundamentally revolutionised food ingestion again. The modern development of sophisticated appliances open the door to a new era of health by mechanically crushing and breaking down fruit, vegetables and nuts, rendering them biologically available without the destructive effects of heating.

Up to the moment in this evolutionary line of appliances, Torus high yield cold-press juicers operate without heat, avoiding the breakdown of beneficial enzymes caused by cooking, or for that matter, centrifugal juicers. Treat your body to future health, now.