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T5500 Pro Big Mouth
Cold Press Juicer

  • Professional Cold Press Wholefood Juicer

  • 2nd Gen Maximum Yield Redesign

  • Ultimate Home Juicing Appliance

T1000 Classic
Cold Press Juicer

  • The Original Small-Mouth Cold Press Juicer

  • Small Footprint, Easier to Transport & Store

  • High Quality Juice, More Affordable

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Kitchen Appliance Specialists
Since 2012

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30 Days Money Back

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Long Warranty

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• ORDER NOW to receive a T5000 Small Mouth Juicer plus a T5500 Big Mouth Pro upgrade package.
• Own both Big Mouth Pro and Small Mouth attachments for less than the price of the T5500 Big Mouth Pro alone*
• Free shipping on entire package*

*T5000 motor/base unit is identical to T5500 motor/base unit. Upgrade package does not include a second motor/base unit.
**Except WA & NT where a $30 surcharge applies.

Only $359



Experience the Benefits of Torus Cold Pressed Juice

Torus Cold Press Juicers Australia Benefits 03 Achieve Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Torus Cold Press Juicers Australia Benefits 06 Detox

Wellbeing / Detox


Torus Cold Press Juicers Australia Benefits 01 Improve Digestion Detox


Torus Cold Press Juicers Australia Benefits 04 Increase Energy


Why Torus is Australia’s Best Buy

  • Raw nutrient protection
  • Quiet, high yield auger
  • Durable AC motor
  • Smartlock Technology
  • BPA Free
  • World Class Cold Pressed Nutrient Rich Juice
  • Performance and Durability at Competitive Prices
  • Choice of Big Mouth or Small Mouth Machines

Nadine Abensure Chef Author Torus Cold Press Slow Juicer

“As a professional chef and food writer / author my kitchen appliances need to be the best.
This is by far the best juicer I’ve ever owned and I have three!”

Nadine Anbensur, author of ‘The Cranks Bible‘, ‘Cranks Fast Food‘, ‘Cranks Light‘, ‘The New Cranks Recipe Book‘, ‘Secrets of a Vegetarian Kitchen‘ and ‘Enjoy

Juice Yourself to Raw Health

At Torus we are passionate about juicing. This passion led us to source and distribute juicers capable of producing the highest quality juice at the best price. Torus juicers are designed to revitalise your health and energy levels. Current dietary understanding highlights gut health as key to whole body health, affecting body and mind and mood. Traditional psychiatry recognises chemical ingestion through the gut as the means to regulate psychology. Using the same principle, the body from the dawn of time has ingested nature’s beneficial chemicals, “nutrition” to naturally regulate intellectual, emotional and physical well-being. Juicing provides a means to nutritionally supercharge your body by concentrating this bounty of nature into each glass.

Juicing acts to regenerate your entire system from the intestinal tract onwards, by releasing vitamins, micro and phyto-nutrients, nature’s healing goodness (whether scientifically identified or yet to be discovered) from vegetables and fruits and supplying them in a form that is easy to assimilate.The prehistoric discovery of fire revolutionised our ability to soften and digest complex foods and led in many ways to our ability to be human. Nowadays, cutting edge kitchen appliances have fundamentally revolutionised food ingestion again. The modern development of sophisticated appliances open the door to a new era of health by mechanically crushing and breaking down fruit, vegetables and nuts, rendering them biologically available without the destructive effects of heating.Up to the moment in this evolutionary line of appliances, Torus high yield cold-press juicers operate without heat, avoiding the breakdown of beneficial enzymes caused by cooking, or for that matter, centrifugal juicers. Treat your body to future health, now.

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