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Torus Echo Twin Auger Cold Press Juicer


  • Pay in interest free instalments with afterpay at checkout
  • Premium cold press slow juicer
  • Maximum yield Twin Auger design
  • Ultimate home juicing appliance

The Revolutionary Torus Echo Twin Auger Cold Press Slow Juicer


  • Torus Juicers are the sole Australian Distributor of this innovative design
  • Combines the juicing power of horizontal and vertical cold press juicers into one machine using 2 augers, one in each chamber. 
  • Hard produce and soft produce attachments included, maximising yield from both
  • Hard produce attachment delivers up to 60% more celery / carrot juice than other machines
  • Celery sticks can be fed in whole, no preparation needed
  • Minimised slider / strainer – super quick and easy cleaning
  • No large basket sieve with multiple holes to trap fibre
  • 3 x sliders /strainers for fine juice, pulpier soft fruit juice and jam
  • Squeezes juice out of celery without special  preparation
  • Generous 5cm feed chute
  • Motor runs at super-quiet 55DB when not under load
  • 2 speeds, 60RPM and 45RPM (for extra slow, slow juicing) delivering maximum cold pressed nutrition and minimal oxidisation
  • Cold press retention of enzymes and vitamins
  • Child Lock
  • BPA Free
  • 200 Watt Brushless Motor
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Inclusions: Juice tap, pulp and juice jugs, final strainer (fits in top of juice jug), tamper, 3 varieties of strainer with handy storage for strainers on machine lid. Soft and hard produce end caps.
  • No blades, less nutrition loss
  • Long Warranty: 5 years on the motor / 2 years for the full machine, tamper and jugs not included. 
  • Out of warranty parts available at reasonable prices. Torus keeps you juicing!
  • Torus Cold Press Juicers, proud suppliers of “Heal Yourself Guru” Don Tolman, Australian events. 

Torus Echo cold press slow juicer for nutrient rich delicious juice

Torus Echo vs Torus Solo Side by Side Comparison

Torus Echo Juicing Mixed Hard and Soft Produce

Torus Echo Home Made Tomato Puree

Torus Echo Cold Pressed Watermelon Juice

Torus Echo Making Nice Cream V2

Health Benefits

Health benefits

When we drink Raw vegetable juices . . . these [micronutrients] are digested and assimilated within 10 to 15 minutes after we drink them and they are used almost entirely in the nourishment and regeneration of the cells and tissues, glands and organs of the body. . . the result is obvious, as the entire process of digestion and assimilation is completed with a maximum degree of speed and efficiency, and with a minimum of effort on the part of the digestive system.” – Dr. Norman Walker

Many health professionals advocate the use of Cold Press Juice to assist in the fight against diseases, including cancer. For example, Gerson Therapy has been advocating juicing since the 1930s.

Fruits and vegetables naturally contain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and plant compounds that protect against disease. Juicing is the quickest and most powerful way to increase your intake of these essential nutrients.

For financial reasons, synthetic patentable medicines attract the vast majority of research investment, not natural medicine. As a result stories of miraculous cures continue to be anecdotal. Nevertheless, numerous studies that have been done on the effects of juicing are supportive of its health-giving actions.

Results from Scientific Studies

A review of 200 studies demonstrated that eating sufficient fruits and vegetables is cancer preventative.

Other studies show that people who have cancer who eat more fruits and vegetables live significantly longer.

Cruciferous vegetable (cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower), allium vegetables (onions, garlic, scallions, etc) and dark berries have been shown to be powerful anti-cancer agents. Cruciferous vegetables for example contain nutrients that block the growth of cancer cells.  prevent metastasis (cancer proliferation throughout the body)  and can even make cancers cells pop or die.

This large study found significant reductions in Alzheimer’s for those who drink fruit and vegetable juices three or more times per week, compared with those who drank juices less than once per week. High levels of polyphenols antioxidants in juices are believed to protect brain cells.

A recent study of vitally important microbiome (gut flora) shows that juice fasting encourages the balance of microflora. 95% of the body’s DNA is derived from this bacteria. It is becoming clear that the balance of your bowel is extremely important. For example, Firmicutes bacteria are suspected to be encouraging obesity and weight gain. Conversely, Bacteroidetes are linked to a leaner body composition. Juice fasting was found to significantly decrease Firmicutes and increase Bacteroidetesbacteria.

The same study also found:

  • Increased overall well-being two weeks after the cleanse
  • Fruit and vegetable juices exhibit high antioxidant activity due to their diverse phenolic compounds (healthy antioxidants that protect against aging for example).
  • A three-day juice fast resulted in up to four pounds weight loss.Two weeks after the cleanse, about 50% of this weight loss was retained.
  • Blood plasma NO levels decrease during juice fasts. Meaning increased blood flow and place less stress on your heart.
  • Juicing brings a significant decrease in lipid peroxidation, meaning a reduction in cell damage leading to aging.

Adding mixed fruit and vegetable juice to the diet over 14 weeks improves levels of beta-carotene, vitamin C, E, selenium and folate

A review of 22 different studies concluded Juices improve folate and antioxidant levels, including beta-carotene, vitamin C and vitamin E. Juices reduce homocysteine levels and markers of oxidative stress, both of which are linked to improved heart health

Apple and pomegranate juices have been linked to reduced blood pressure and cholesterol levels again pointing to reductions in heart disease.

Studies focussing on children found:

Children who consumed 100% juice had higher intakes of vitamin C, magnesium, and potassium and overall higher diet quality than non-juice drinkers

Juice drinkers had lower intakes added sugar and consumed significantly more whole fruit than non-consumers. No difference was found in total fiber intake.
Int. J. Child Health Nutr., May 2015

100% fruit juice does not lead to weight gain in children. Children consuming 100% juice had higher intake and adequacy of dietary fiber, vitamin C, magnesium and potassium.
Crit. Rev. Food Sci. & Nutr., June 2015 (Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics systematic review of data from 1995-2013)

No association was found between drinking 100% juice and early dental caries in nearly 2,300 American children ages 1-5 years. Indeed juice seems to have a protective effect against caries.
J of the Amer. Dental Assoc., Dec 2014
Community Dentistry Oral Epidemiol., Aug 2015

Juicing provides levels of nutrients equivalent to whole foods. When 100% juice was replaced with whole fruit in the diet of children, no difference was found in caloric levels or in the intake of 85% of the nutrients evaluated.
Current Nutr & Food Sci., Oct 2015

Benefits of juicing claimed by health advocates around the world include:

  • Increased energy, reduced tiredness (a powerful time-saving pick-me-up for those on the go)
  • Assists sleep
  • Naturalises body weight
  • Facilitates mental alertness
  • Alkalises the body
  • Aids bones and joint function
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Improves hair, skin and nails.

Numerous cure and prevention health systems around the world employ juicing to combat serious degenerative diseases. Juicing protocols can easily be replicated at home with Torus Cold Press Juicers, replacing nutrient-dense for nutrient-poor (or worse sugar or saccharine based) drinks.

Introduce healthy habits, fuel your body with vital organic food – experience the vibrancy of raw health by unlocking the health-giving effects of the entire vegetable and fruit world to delicious effect.



Twin Augers

Combining the best features of horizontal and vertical slow juicer designs





Why Torus

Why Torus?

The first Torus machines came to Australia in 2015. Our mission statement was to supply the highest quality juicers at the best price and we continue to dedicate ourselves to that. Rather than offering a confusing array of juicers, we have selected the two machines that we believe combine performance, durability and a choice of affordability alongside professional juice quality to suit the needs of every kind of user.

Torus slow juicers harness the latest cold press / slow juicing technology to release the nutritious energy of fruits and vegetables into delicious drinks full of raw power. Over the last four years, Torus have tested the best slow juicing machines available and are proud to introduce our 2 top picks from two of the most established slow juicer manufacturers under the Torus brand. You can depend on Torus slow juicers to offer the best range of quality machines available at competitive prices.

Just released, Generation 2 of our top of the line Wholefood Torus 5000 juicer features a new improved auger and a more ergonomic bigmouth hopper system.




Slow press technology

Torus juicers embody the latest cold crush technology, releasing pure, delicious, colour-rich nutrition, straight from the bounty of the planet to your lips.

By powerfully squeezing your ingredients rather than blending them, Torus Cold Press Juicers deliver the smoothest, professional tasting, juices, while preserving the natural taste and nutrition of each ingredient. Imagination is the only limit: Torus Cold Press Juicers have the versatility to create endless delicious recipes ranging from wholesome green juices and wheat grasses to nut milk and sorbet – download our free recipe book for selected tasty recipes and juicing tips to help you get the most out of your Torus Cold Press Juicer.

At the forefront of the Australian Cold Press Juicers revolution, Torus uses the latest extraction method to provide maximum nutrition and minimal separation in your juice. Torus Cold Press Juicers Australia is proud to deliver the many benefits state-of-the-art Cold Press Juicing offer to the modern household.

Torus blunt edged augers and powerful motors are backed with long warranties. A full range of spare parts is available for all our machines. We provide top industry aftersales support. See Warranty Page for more information.

Simple to put together and pull apart – do it once following the directions and it becomes second nature. Using the specialised cleaning brush provided, your Torus is quick to assemble and disassemble – and clean

Unlike high-speed juicers Torus Cold Press Juicers run quietly, with low noise and vibration, eliminating heat and friction that can result in juice separation.

High Yield Torus Cold Press Augers maximize juice production while minimising wastage and pulp.



Inclusions / Attachments


3 x Straining Screens: Small & large hole strainers for thicker and thinner juice, jam strainer
2 x End Cap Attachments: Hard Produce (up to 60% more celery juice) / Soft Produce (fruit, etc)
2 x Jugs: For juice and pulp collection
Jug Sieve: Fits over juice jug, filters out any final pulp
Torus Echo Manual
Juice Tap: To control juice flow
Cleaning Brush

How To Use Torus Echo Attachments




Power: 200 Watts

RPM: 60/45

Hopper Size: 5cm

Material: BPA Free

Weight: 5 kilos

Warranty (Domestic): 5yrs motor 2 yrs parts (tamper and jugs not included)

Dimensions: H 53cm W 17cm L 25cm





• Unique Twin Horizontal and Vertical Augers for High Yield
• BPA Free
• Powerful 200 Watt Brushless Motor
• Dual Speed 45/60 RPM
• Quick Clean
• Child Lock
* Pre-Clean Function
• 5 Year Warranty
• Raw nutrient protection



Marcus Pearce Torus Cold Press Slow Juice

“For me, Torus are the leaders in the juicing world, and have made a range of juicers reflective of their standing.”

Marcus Pearce CEO The Wellness Couch Podcast Network; Founder – Exceptional Life Blueprint

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